Since the establishment of this factory in 1982, it has specialized in producingallkindsofboxfittings. Ixs Products scli Euro-American region of German The clnited States and Franq etcThe market of its products spread all over the world, especial in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangshu province ect.

     The factory is one of the largest factories which specializes in producing the box-fittings, it has covers an area of 30,000 square metres and the building ares is 20,000 square metres. The factory possesses the internal advanced equipments, such as large and medium sized pour-plastics forming machine, pressure press, lathe and etc..And it also possesses production line of electric jetting and electroplating (imitation gold, black nickel, bronze, white nickel and etc.). It can produce all kinds of pull rods about10,000,000 sets soft or hard box bottoms, wheels above 10,000,000 sets, and various kinds of box-plastics and metal handle. It also can produce all kinds of box hardware and plastic moulds. The value of output was 100,000,000. The technical level is rich, the craft is advanced, the quality is firm, the price is fair, the delivery is timely, the specification is complete and the traffic is convenient.

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